SpaceBar is a game made for Global Gamejam 2015 at the HKU Hilversum location in the Netherlands.

It’s a party game with a twist. The goal of the game is for the player to gain as much gold as possible, you’re assigned a color at the start of the game which indicates which player you are. However that doesn’t mean you have to play yourself. The game consists out of several rounds and in between these rounds players get a choice.

1. Control your own character (corresponding your color) and gain as much gold as possible.
2. Control your opponents and either throw him to the enemy or make him lose gold.

3. Control the Enemy and prevent other players from getting gold and kill them.

If two or more players make the same choice, they’ll have to control the chosen character together for that round. Or not of course.

– Spacebar won the Audience award at the Hilversum location and was entered in the final for all Dutch Gamejam award winners.


During this project I was the gameplay designer and did the few playtests that the time allowed us to have. I also made the particle effects and did the sound for the game.