Panda Pounce

Panda Pounce was an in-house gamejam project we did for a week. With the aim to create and release a enjoyable party game to celebrate the 1 year existence of Speelbaars.

It’s a game in which four players each control a panda that bounces around in search of bamboo. The aim is to eat as many bamboo sticks as possible within the given timeframe.
There are multiple different platform levels in which players need to collect bamboo to clear one playsession. The player with mos bamboo’s in the end, wins!

The game is available in Unity webplayer at

For this project I was the gameplay and level designer. My tasks where building and testing the platform levels with a basic set of assets. Adjusting them according to feedback from players, making sure each level was balanced and that it was possible to reasonably get all the bamboo. I also tweaked the bounciness and movement of the panda’s.

I wrote a pressrelease for the game and reached out to media and was in charge of the communication through social media about the game. As well as answering any questions from people that played the game.

P.S. Some of the panda sounds (mainly the ‘ouch’) is me.