Curio’s starquest

Curio’s starquest (formerly named Starcoon) was a three week schoolproject foccussed on monetizing a game.

It’s a colorful arcade game where the player needs to take Curio the raccoon to the moon by catching stars and avoiding meteors. The player can set a highscore by getting as high as possible and collecting stars and other bonusses a long the way. There are multiple different bonusses that create different physics based reactions on your lunar trip.

The game was originally named Starcoon, which sparked some controversy online when we reached out to press. Kotaku pointed out that the word ‘coon’ is a derogatory term that could offend people. So in response we changed the name to Curio’s starquest to solve the problem and make sure no players were offended.

In the end we never released the game.

You can download the prototype here:

For this project I was the game designer in charge of playtesting the game and communicating the changes needed in the project. I also did a lot of the 2D art.
I made sure deadlines were reached and everyone knew what they needed to do. I was in charge of making communication between teammembers go as smooth as possible, since most of them worked from home.
I wrote the pressreleases and dealt with the aftermath of the controversy surrounding the name. I made sure that it was clearly communicated that it was not our intend to offend anyone and that press knew we were going to change the title of the game.
I handled social media and made the trailer for the game as well.